Femto Second LASIK / ReLex SMILE

Laser treatment for people between 18 and 45 years

PMP Eyecare, specialist in eye diseases

Femto Second Lasik is an alternative to glasses or contact lenses for people between the ages of 18 and 45

A large number of large international studies leave little doubt that this method provides the highest level of safety, superior fast recovery of full visual acuity (average of four hours) and the lowest complication rate of all vision corrective interventions available in today’s market.

An alternative to contact lenses, glasses and varifocal eye glasses.

Your eyesight is usually perfect the same night after surgery

PMP Eyecare uses the Zeiss VisuMax® FemtoSecond laser to create a 110 micron thin flap of the outer layer of the cornea, 9.5 mm in diameter, hinged upwards. This takes 18 seconds per eye. The flap is lifted and placed in a fold upwards on the eye while the Zeiss MEL90 excimer laser corrects the visual error with high precision. Depending on the prerscription to be corrected, this takes between 2 and 15 seconds. The laser removes tissue from the cornea in the order of micrometer to give the cornea the correct curvature for optimum optics. There is almost no measurable temperature rise on the eye surface during the procedure. The excimer laser atomizes tissue but does not burn.

The corneal flap is then gently put back in place. Antibiotic drops are applied and the next eye can be operated immediately in the same way. You get antibiotic drops to drip yourself for about a week afterwards.

The vision is usually healed the same night after surgery and the next day most people can drive and go to work as usual.

With PMP Eyecare, there is no right or wrong age to have the LASIK procedure done. This is because we have a low threshold and low cost upgrade program between the slightly different needs eyes have from a young adult to a mature person. We offer a good solution for all age groups.

Laser Eye Surgery for Very High Prescriptions

Many clinics will tell you that very high prescriptions require synthetic lens implants. To avoid using implants and keep the risk factors of refractive surgery as low as possible, we have developed safe and highly effective laser surgery techniques for such cases. This enables us to offer patients with very high prescriptions an accurate, fast, safe and predictable LASIK treatment, with negligible risk factors.

Our treatments for high prescriptions are, however, much more intensive than other procedures. They involve extensive additional time spent on planning, optically simulating, and programming. We employ far more laser gas and use specialised and licenced software. We also use considerably more disposable equipment and time. There is usually a greater number of follow-ups and a higher likelihood of final LASIK adjustments after 3-6 months.

Inevitably, these factors for high prescription treatments will result in a higher price than for the standard LASIK procedure. Even with these additional costs, the price is still lower than it would have been with artificial lens implants. More importantly, the procedure is safer and ensures much more accurate results than the use of any implants on the market today.

 From a patient perspective, a high prescription patient procedure is almost identical to a standard LASIK procedure. It takes only a few more minutes of your time, but the total amount of treatment time is still very short, and the technique is notably pain-free.

Astigmatism Treatments:

Astigmatism is a condition that affects the shape of your eye where the cornea has a steeper curvature in one axis and a flatter curvature in the perpendicular axis. It is a common misconception that Laser Eye Surgery is unsuitable for astigmatism. Our laser, Zeiss MEL90, corrects all levels of astigmatism with great accuracy and predictability.

Safety and precision in modern eye laser treatment

Every day, at PMP Eyecare, we treat 3 to 4 new patients with different vision defects. The results are very good and the complication rate very low. None of our patients have become blind or had serious complications. Watch the video to see how an eye operation works (in Norwegian).


Femto Second Lasik, Carl Zeiss FemtoLASIK.  Fee is all inclusive, covering pre-operative eye examination, treatment, eye drops, post-operative check-ups, and a 10-year re-treatment warranty in the unlikely event that your eyesight deteriorates again
NOK 41 900,- (one eye 21 900,-)

Treatment of extra-large visual defects requiring special programs: Corneal bias greater than 2.5 Diopters and long-sightedness greater than +2.5 Diopters and large myopia above -8 Diopters
NOK 51.900,- (one eye 32 900,-)

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Please contact us for a free information pack, and to learn if Laser Blended Vision can help you to achieve clear vision at all distances without glasses.

Phone:  +47 976 58 664
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PMP Eyecare
4005 Stavanger,

Dr. Petter Montagu-Pettersen
Specialist LASIK eye Surgeon


Dr. Petter Montagu-Pettersen is a physician and specialist in eye diseases. He has extensive experience with eye surgery and eye correction with laser treatments from both Norway and abroad. On the team he has Anne Paust-Andersen who is a publicly approved nurse who has assisted ophthalmologists for many years.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Petter Montagu-Pettersen

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Dr. Petter Montagu-Pettersen also runs general private ophthalmology practice without a refund. You can schedule an appointment for examination and conduct a test of other eye disorders. If you have any questions about our treatments, references, methods or equipment, do not hesitate to contact us.

Feel free to call us on tel +47 976 58 664 or contact post@pmp-eyecare.com to ask questions about treatment. You can also schedule an appointment or consultation directly through our order form, which you can find here.

Ordinary ophthalmic consultationNOK 990,-
Short check-upsNOK 750,-

The pre-surgery check costs 990, – but this sum is refundable if you choose to be laser-operated with us.

We have many satisfied clients!

This is the BEST investment I have ever made. Finally, a spectacle-free life. And the best part is the friendly staff. The treatment is COMPLETELY painless and quickly performed. I DO NOT regret it. Satisfied customer!

Anne K Egeland

Now it is 1 day since I walked through the doors of PMP with minus 7, crooked corneas and in addition I had the age supplement so I did not see anything up close. Now my vision is superb, both near and far, and I have no problems or pain with the eyes ... fantastic !!!

Frank Bertelsen

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